Thursday, May 21, 2009

Exam Time~

i can hav time to relax..
ady one week din online due to EXAM..
i'm under self-control..

i hav 65 mails to check once i open my inbox..
tat's a lot man for just a week..
den facebook again..
thr are 75 notifications tat i've to scroll down 1 by 1..
kinda miss those time playing facebook day by day..

my blog is out-of -date for a week..
it's quite long time for nt updating it..
so sorry ya..hahax
exam bah..nth to write oso..lolx!!

and it's nt end yet..
next week hav to continue de battle..
a tough week for me..
as i havent prepare for those subs
so again NO online-facebook-msn-blog for me..
tis is wad i need to face for de next 3 mths..

well..i'll try to steal some time to play computer geh..
so dun worry..
will update my life to u all~~


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Joke~~

these 2 days..
went to sch lik nth..
some teachers were absent..
better stayed at home n study oo..

back to de topic..
it was a JOKE for everyone..hahax..
during yesterday's sivik lesson..Teacher Hazel was nt here..replaced by Teacher Ricky..
de guru pelatih n tis was his 1st day to sch..

I'm chit-chatting wif darice,eiling,lii ern n zin wai..
talking bout family n others..den teacher asked us:

TR: Apa kamu cakap??
us: Banyaklah cikgu..
TR: Macam di kedai kopi ya..boleh minta secawan kopi kah??
us: ....[swt=.=]hehe =p *ignored wad he said*

later 2nd round he visited us de main point began..
he asked me:

TR: (pointing to someone)..Kamu dua kembar kah??
me: (staring at him) Huh?!
(i tot he was talking me n darice or zin wai..actually was nt)

he was pointing to de back n i turn my head to look for my twin..lolx..
n it was KENG pula..hahhhhhhhh!!
immediately everyone of us laughed lik hell..=)
n WE R NT ALIKE lor k teacher???!!
dunno his eyesight or taste gt problem o nt..
oh was his first day to scul and want to make fun of me liao..
*i've finally found my brother liao..hahax *

p/s: bro keng dun mad ya as i want to share de fun bah!! xD

Monday, May 4, 2009


first of all..HapPy Birthday to J0hn(小雨)!!
see me so good..wish u so many times oo..haha xD
well..celebrated his bday by pouring water onto him..(all saints's tradition)..
he's de water man of de day!!

talking bout nervous..haiz..
gonna having my piano exam tis wed..
escape scul to prepare for it..
my pieces are quite its nt satisfy yet to me..
who cn help me to solve tis??
God will guide me tat day..
Good luck to Me, Jade, Zin Wai &Jamie who are goin to fight for de best performance during de exam!!

Can i escape frm scul one day next week??
de reason is....STUDY!!
wahahaha!! xD
i guess i'll be chop by my parents tu..