Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SPM'S OVER!! + Leaving KK=)

yeah..spm was over and so excited wif de upcoming events..
christmas..youth camp..and my trip to KOREA!
so i'm leaving on 15th Dec and coming back on 21th..
will be away frm computer(blog and facebook as well)..
totally relax myself and shop de whole day..
boys..dun game so much..haha..(especially de ''gang'')
girls..stay pretty this week..do wad u all want to do..

k lar..write till here..hav to ready myself to go caroling for de last time of tis year(2 hrs) before going to airport..
bye and take care everyone!!=)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The days after 8 Dec =0

10 Dec
it's de second day after de chemistry paper...
no more spm for others..
excluding me..i still hav my chinese exam next mon..
havent start reading yet n nt prepared..
how bout de others those who taking chinese?? feel free and relax right now lik me or worrying??
good luck to me for de very last one!!

nt forget to attend my new born baby boy cousin- Calos's full moon party tat night..
i'm de eldest among my cousins at my mother's side..
happy to see them runnig and playing around..
oww..i'm old ady=(

he is Calos..cute=) will love him very much!!

another picture of him xD

here's Chloe..(princess of de family).she was wearing my dress(de one i wore when i was young)=)

Tian Hui..another cousin of mine =P

One-year old's Zhi Hau(cute!!)

Tian Yi..din manage to take pic wif her cuz she was busy playing wif her balloon tat nite =)