Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tat's Not Me!! xD

well..frm tis pic cn see tat i cut my hair short jor..tehee=)..
miss my long hair very much^^..
hope u all like it lar xD..

my previous pics..

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Weekend =)

sat- 14/3

scul holidays start lur..yay!!
woke up early...shud be happy cus later gt go to beach for youth activities..
bt..everything has changed..=(
b4 i left,i'm badly sick..
oh no..!!haiz..n i miss de fun wif my frens n so on..
hav to rest at home lor..

nvm..cant go tis..still cn go to my frens' bday party at night..hehe=)
go thr eat,chit-chat n play games..
well..mostly those who joined tat party are we cn still play lik kiddy^^..hahax..=) *so high lar*
went home quite early after tat..


like normal..went to church noon suppose to hav one it's CANCELLED!! hoorayyyyyyyyy!!!
which means tat we cn plan to go out wif each other..kaka xD..
so our plan is we go..

went to audrey n accompany her to wait zin wai..
some of my frens went to play games i didnt.. xD
after tat we r so doubt to watch movie or sing k??
at de end went to sing k lar..
yea..we sang bout 4 to 5 bad..although everybody are tired den..
i remembered last time at kl..we sang frm 7 to 12 am on de last day b4 went to airport..haha..stil cn break tis record geh^^

4 hrs in de room,i found tat thr were many talented future singers..walaoweh~~
(future Jay, Lee Hom, 李圣杰, n one more- TVXQ!!)..hehe=)
most of us were shocked by one guy when he sang Rising Sun by tvxq in japanese or korean..(haha!!.. i dun really know)
wow..nt bad bah xD..

by 7pm, we left kbox and went to Fish& Co to celebrate my youngest sis's bday!!
and also Happy Birthday to my fren- Ah Bao!! xD

group photo

yeah..i love today very much...haha..hoping to hav a next happy sunday!!=)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


yeah..finally i passed my car law test...
get 46/50..
nt bad to audrey too..
we are passed!!
happy happy happy!!! =)

now waiting chance to go bengkel..hope my parents allow me to
go asap..

exam starts next week..
havent start to touch my books yet!!
cant imagine how i gonna suffer during next week..
sitting exam in a freaking hot and sempit class..
and cant online tat week again..
someone plz help me!!