Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Week~

hehe..another week has gone..
and need to face a new week again..
haiz..hate it very much..
chemistry n bm oral!!
jux wish to get away frm me asap..
they are ruining my life lar xD..

last sun..went to church..
im incharge in children cell thr..
messing around wif little children..
some were quiet bt some were too hyper..
lol..children mah~~
i oso been a kid last time..
so..i'm clever to bring some sweets thr..
so tat they cn quite down or jux let them happy..bah!!
children love candies!!

after church..having a short meeting..
after important mission to complete!!
giving surprise to one fren..
so quickly had lunch n buy a cake for her at lintas..
cheating her wif a reason goin to one borneo tat she cn prepare herself n wait at home..
lol..feeling great to cheat one person ya..wuahaha!!

when reached her house..especially me,my 2 sis n leo seemed like thefts..
''guai guai xu xu'' thr..bending ourselves thr n hide behind de car..n it's under a hot sun man!!lolx..too happy giving surprise to someone~~
waiting for instruction to go into her hse..and then these were wad we did..
look ya xD..

HapPy Birthday~~

all of us..*mission complete!!*


so we went back around 4.30pm..
a nice stay at her hse..hahax..
more upcoming surprises will be on ya!! xD

tats de day~~
school was busy+boring+fun!!
a lot of homeworks,projects,presentation hav to do!!
exam is jus around de corner..(piano n school)
n here i am reading storybook(*nt scul books*), playing comp n so on..
i dun wan theseeeeeeeeee!!
wish it is now dec '09..enjoying myself thr..whee~~ xD


Thursday, April 16, 2009

My 17th Birthday xD


I'm turning to 17 today..
n of coz..for all christians, it's Good Friday too!!
1st time my bday is a holiday n yet everyone could remember Jesus n my bday on tat day!!

so tis yr i din organise any party wif my frens..
lazy to plan..instead last yr ady celebrated together wif darice..
jux a simple celebration wif my family lor..
outing n having dinner wif them..
for me, i have to cherish my family as i dunno isn't it will be my last yr celebrating wif them?
hope it's nt lar..=)

de day before my frens were sending bday wishes to me at late midnight..
i planned nt to sleep so early as i knew i had to reply all those msg..
*12am* struck!! my phone keep ringing..yeah!!
fullfilled by the wishes..happy xD

de next morning..woke up by my msg tone..
frens n couzies kept on sending msg to me..reply one by one de whole day..
which can mean tat my phone was on my hand frm day till
anyway thx for de wishes,presents n fs&fb comments!!
although they were still gt ppl late wish me right now..lolx..its okay=)

~i lik tis bear xD ~

btw..its oso an important event goin on today..
a basketball competition held at tuaran..
a match between KK team vs. Tuaran team among my frens..
tis could be a 生死战 for them..
so without any hesitation, my sis n I followed one aunty's car to tuaran..
a safe journey to there..

when i reached thr..met wif de tuaran team members as long time no see them..
as i passed them by..they nt forget to wish me ya lead by ah bao!! hahax =)
thx wor!!
then went to meet de KK team..seems lik they were steady..

having warming up before de match..

~sorry it's blur=( ~

nt much pics taken tat night bcoz its too interesting to watch..

keep on cheering to them as tis was wad cn i do to them to win de match..

although they dont at de end..

after de's time to go..

again they sang bday song to me n another aunty who also same bday wif me..

so embarassed bt touched nia~~xD

before i went back home..stay at de restaurant for supper n chit-chatting among frens..

my 17th birthday was jus simple but it's a great one indeed!!

love yea=)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Surprise For Me =)

4 April 2009-night...

a happiest day to me!!
here de story began..

i'm attending to youth meeting in my programme for tat day was telematch..
everything went on perfectly..worshiping God n having a devotion session..
mux learnt to be a necessary n an unnecessary person frm tat session..

8.30pm- de telematch was started!!
games are nice although it's quite exhausted..
LOVE game times very much!! xD
well..when de 3rd game was on..i started to feel tat my grp members were having some sort of mayb their idea bout de game or wad so ever..
i jux ignored them n continue to play..
i'm riding on somebody else n hav to run till de end point..
my other group members including me were de last to finish off..its ok..jux a game only mar~~
n i knew those who were last need gt punishment..
oh no!! de lights were off n i'm scared tat if they would pour water or put some insects..wahaha..
everyone was nervous came mr Jodia..u knew wad he said?
wahaha xD..LOLX..
den waiting thr for punishment..
*Happy Birthday to u~ x2..happy birthday to xx..happy birthday to u~~*
song was heard frm de back..wad's happening??
oh no its for me!!
i'm very shocked at tat time n dunno wad to do..realised tat i was fooled by them de whole night..
athough still gt 4 days to my real birthday!!..
bt thanks to jodia n all de youthmates who were in de team of cheating me..well very thanked to u all n tis could be one of my most memorable bday~~=P

*actually supposed to hav 2 victims on tat other one din cum so left me*

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Big Wind Blow!!

its April now!!
my fav month ya..cox my birthday is coming soon!! yeapy =)
it's time for my class to change seats..
dunno why teacher hav to separate us..
really miss the time talking wif my frens, joking around and so on..
and now i've been blown to somewhr else..
first row and nearly corner thr..oh no!!
y teacher hav to put me thr??and de reason she gave me was so...haix..
well..i've to sit thr for 3 mths..
frens sitting around me were April, How Kiat, Aarieff, Aqilah..
luckily gt Audrey and Samuel to chat..or else?? i mayb will explode someday lor..

btw..good news to share to u all..John mayb change seat wif Aarieff..scare how kiat will be lonely..
and row thr will start alive-ing lor!!
and one more thing>> our class punya air-cond finally was fixed!!
no more suffering in de hot- sauna class..yeah!!
will start another new life on mon soon^^..
tada xD..=P