Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas ' 08

24/12- Christmas Eve

yeah~!! today is christmas eve!!
spend my whole afternoon online..dah..=)
then later night hav to go tuaran church to celebrate x'mas..
my every year program..lolz..=]..haha..

so..we're late to reach and it's already started..
quickly rushed in and sat down to watch de perfomance..
bt..went out to chit chat wif frens after tat..
then went in to watch de drama again..
so nt gud gal kan..hehe=)

then backed to kk at 11pm..
went sutera for x'mas countdown party wif my family n church frens..
dont know most of my church members went thr too...
haha..seems like a gathering bah..
we took pics and hav a walk thr..
5..4..3..2..1..!! it's 12am!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!& HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 2 dearest frens, Chern& Yhing~!!
haha..after tat went home lor..
de next day hav to go church for rehearsal again..

huhu=_=..cant sleep well tat night..keep on thinking of something..dah^^..haiz

me,chern,hui xin,mr.luo,ying

view from magellen @sutera

25/12- Christmas Day

da day i've waited for long time..hehe xD

Woke up early coz need to go tired man..!!
rehearsal rehearsal and rehearsal..
till 1pm++..hav lunch den went home..

out wif mum n sis to buy x'mas present..
last minute job..haha..
coz really dunno wat to buy for them..
so end up..2 dozen of sparkling juice..
then back home n hav a rest...

ltr around 6pm go church for x'mas celebration..
tat's really early..lolx..
my job for tat night was having a short drama and an ending dance..
evrything went on perfectly..thx God!!
b4 tat my team practice our drama for many times so tat we wont 'NG'
during de real performance..wakaka=)
and i lurve de ending too~~
so happy to see pua and ei ling cant manage to see audrey o~~

haha..around 11pm then de left over ppl..*include me* went to coffee bean at waterfront thr..
sit, talk n drink..till 1.30 am den went home..kinda sleepy tat moment..
when i jus lay on my bed..dah..cant sleep in..
OMG!!..tis one more whole night cant sleep..
still recall back my x'mas' memories n thinking on something again..
am i too excited?? or bcoz of my ''double chocolate'' drink i drank ??
my panda eyes sure pop out lor!!!
so hate it..lake of sleep ah!!!!!!!!

*some pics for u guys..*

more pics will upload in my

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Cant imagine wat will happen tonight...
so MOODY now..=(

If it's really happen,jus one word to say...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

6 Days to X'mas!!

okay~~i know tat quite a long time i din post any article..paiseh neh!!
today i woke up really late..coz last week till yesterday,busy wif caroling
and x'mas practice..damn tired!!
now..everything gonna end soon..haiz..caroling is finish..practice till *7788*(almost done)liao..wat to do at home??..BORED+HOT!!
tis can be said tat my holidays gonna end soon>_< !!
argh!!long time din watch movie heart feel nt good..i'm out-dated..=(
hoping tis sat can go relax myself...need to buy many presents for my frens cus gonna meet them soon..then a headache for me..dunno wat to buy 4 them..haha.. is coming!! n of course is my 2 best frens ' birthday!!
so good they can celebrate their b'day n x'mas together..=)
should be very fun ya!!
i can imagine tat my church x'mas celebration will be very perfect n
full of happiness..da great one!!wakaka xD
Merry Christmas to u all~~!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wat a Successful Camp!!=)

Today i woke up at 11++am..really really late..
cox yesterday i attended my church meeting till 11+pm..
haha..damn so long i slept...lolz..

then go online and chat wif my frens..view my fren's blog n bla bla bla..
haha..din know my *lao po*-audrey oso gt blog ah..haiz...
i chat wif one of my church fren n ask him to send those camp pics to me..
beg him for many times finally he then send...berani dia ah 欺负me..huh!!>_< bout de camp..its great n success!!..everything is perfect..
thx God n everyone..=)
looking forward the next camp o0..
btw..WE hav de same feelings..(de 4 of us)..haha..
it's really mad us.. bt nt tat serious lar..
this shows tat WE r nt new liao n WE r growing up..haiz..
n i'll upload some of my camp's pics frm my hp..
it's nt many..


*me & chern*

*me & jie huey*

*me &zhi*

*2008 camp*

*my liu yan card*
*me & audrey*
will continue to upload more pics larh when i finish receive those pics from my fren..haha..=)
btw..i wish i can cut my hair o0..haha..cut it
tis wed night start carolling for 9 days..haha..sure everyday back home!!bt will miss 1 or 2 days lar...huhu=_=..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Day bt...

blog again..=)haha..
quite busy for these days coz hav to prepare my church camp's less online lor...

today woke up early go my fren's hse..need to finsh doing de cards for de camp..all are handmade lor & it's original!!cant find de second one in other places..hehe..

later hav our gals wan to eat apple bt there is no apple in de 男主人 hav to go out to buy.."mao bian'' lor who say he is de only man thr!!,my sis n him go out to search for apple bt fail..haiz..then we decided to go lido! quite far frm his hse jus go lar for a walk pun boleh..before tat back to his hse again to get an umbrella..or else we all bcum roasted pig lor!!..on the way we talk talk n wat??can't tell u..shhh..finally reach lido..faster go to the shop to select apple..omg! we all dunno how to select the good jus simply select those nt too red n ugly one lar..then back to home..luckily it's sweet!!hehe..

then we watched horror movie called D-day Room mate..a korean's so scary man!!>_<..tis movie shud be watch in kl bt thr is no dvd player for us to watch..aiksz..then continue to do our stuff..we did one dishonest thing..haha...*shh* again..around 5.30pm then went home and online..

afterall,something happen to me..tears drop again when i recall wat she said..haiz..=(

为什么总是等到最后的时候才发生呢?..argh!! 真气!!整个人都不知要该怎样去解决问题。也许你们不懂,只为了自己的朋友,帮助他人而不去想想我的问题,真不懂!应该她对你比较重要吧!嗨。。到现在还没找到方法。。=(。。我应该不陪他们,还是要呢?..只求神帮助我啊!!但是,终于,该事已解决了。心里还是过意不去,让他们失望。真抱歉!!只希望他们在来临的四天内能够好好的享受。。=)

k lar..write till here...will update after my camp is over..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Back Again!!

''bird nest''

water cube is behind..

me and annabelle..

wif my dad..*look lik im graduated*..lolz

tadaa~~!! back frm kl lor...hoping tat i'm stil in kl now..miss the time we play,eat,laugh,sleep,..together..haha..wat's a memorable trip..Every nite we spend our time by watching movies~~!!All movies started at 12AM de lor...become ''ye gui'' duh everyday..but failed to watch Quarantine coz im not 18 enough eventhough i bought de ticket liao..haiz..bikin to soi saja..oh ya..winn nie gt msg me when she arrived in kl, but couldn't meet her ler..timing nt we meet at kk lar next time..haha..din broke my promises to upload some pics..look above^^..
today i stay over at my cousin's house..update tis paragraph..haha..keep online till now and sS taking pics wif my cousin's using de webcam...lolx..kinda fun man!!=)..shall rajin blogging lor.
waiting to go to camp now !! argh>
Dec events: camp, carolling, Christmas preparation..^_^

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My H0liday Journey

One week is jus pass so back from my beijing trip..haha..=)I've many things like share wif u all here,but i jus write those interesting events and my feelings over here:

*day 1-Depart to HK.Get to know some frens thr.Those uncles gamble in the aircraft(out of my expectation)haha..Transit to beijing.They gamble again till we arrived.Meet our tour guide,Carol(xiao li) and her assistant(xiao xiao li).Go for supper then went to hotel.

*day2-5-Visit forbidden city,water cube,olympic stadium(niao cao)(i'm so happy when visiting these two^^),great wall,summer palace and some market..Its super duper cold and windy,cant stand with it!..Manage to buy some souvenir &clothes for myself & frens..Those uncles ' very funny,like to make fun wif the tour guide,laugh all the way in the coach..haha=)..Oh ya! got 2 cases tat our member was missing! they were found finally..Tats all i can remember^^

*day6-7-Went to hk.Go lantau island to visit.Miss the chance to see the disneyland's sad=(..Next day go ocean park.feels nth cos 2 yrs ago went b4..hehe..

*14/11-Its my mum &a little girl's bday.Everything goes perfect,BUT,bcos of their words,im moody on tat day.Even gt tears out when i think back of what they had said..omg!!..Meet dad's fren at night.His children were so cute named Annabel& Jarod..Continue do shopping till 11pm..

*15/11-Reach home then quickly wash all my clothes.U know why??haha..tell u when u scroll down later..

Tis all i can remember for tis trip..but my journey havent finish goin to kl for one week again..haha..!very busy ler??!!(tats de answer)..k lar..will upload some photos in my next week later then meet again here..haha=)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Heyhey..and now i start to write my blog..=)
Today skip scul again..instead i am very sick!!oh man..hope i can recover soon..haha..
Wat am i excited?! leaving tomorrow..yeah!!goin china then go i am away from computer for 2 weeks like tat..miz my computer very much leh!!=( and my frens too..and oso skip the chance to study car law=(..argh!!>.<
Yesterday me and my frens sat together and about house,friendship and bla bla..i'm very shocked tat she had change but luckily she's ok liao..very happy wif her..and thx for the care too..!! Its ok wif me but pity wif one gal..hope when im nt around tis two weeks u two can solve ur problem..not even getting worst okay??=) BEST FRIENDS foreva~~!!haha..
*gotta update again after 2 weeks..*