Friday, February 27, 2009


gt many homeworks need to finish off by these two days..
2 pages of chemistry paper + physic..
my sat n sun is jus gone like tat..

today..lik normal..having piano lesson wif sis..
1 hour 30 minutes..gosh!!
bt next sat will start my physic tuition lor..
hav to wake up very very early!!
den went home..continue to do a little bit of my hw..
trying to finish my eng now online-ing posting tis n chat..
n later nite hav to go church..playing basketball tonight..
yeah!! bt i'm so ''sakai'' at tis..gonna to hav battle??

well..tml my half of de day will nt be at home..
gonna to learn car law wif audrey(my lao po)..
finally i wait till tis day.. hooooooray!!!
bt..din turn up to go to church..=(
nvm..hope god will forgive me..
k..continue to watch my BOF lor..^^

Friday, February 20, 2009

Back to childhood^^

well, yesterday my est teacher gave us back our exercise book during recess..
when everyone went back to class, n we opened our book..
gosh.. we hav sticker in it..!!
haha..we're form 5 bt nt pri 5 ler..long time din receive sticker frm teacher..
some of us were very happy eh like kids..
others felt it was so childish..
im wondering why teacher was doin tat..
isit for those who received more sticker can receive present one day or was an encouragement??
yeah!! sponge bob n snoopy!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


first of all, HapPy BirthDay to Josephine and Corrine!! xD..
jus my wishes to u two.. could i say bout tis week??
ya..i experienced all these in tis week..

my class is damn hot like sauna!! Burning!!
air-cond is like nth thr..jus a display in our class..
meanwhile classes are boring too..
how cn i study in tis super duper hot weather??
i cant stand it anymore!! make me sleepy only especially during sej class..
oh my..!!

i'm tired of chasing ppl to pay off their debts, finding ppl class by class..
pls lar ppl..
owe ppl's money since last yr shud pay off asap..
it makes my life more even tiring n complicated!!
gosh~~!!'s my last yr of doing tis...^^

Funny?? xD
I like my monday tis week..haha..
de whole day i'm laughing..everyone too...
Bala's jokes had started off de day..
sound lik tis:

teacher: whr r de two Luqmans' ah??
students: absent..
teacher: oo..y?? isit having ''Luqmans' Gathering''??

haha..well..mayb u feel 'swt' let us move on to another incident tat made us laugh lik hell!! wakaka xD..

kuit, our bm teacher did an embarassing thing..dunno how to describe..
hav to ask those who sit in front of de class..
i jus know a bit of it's really..made us laugh till recess time..
teacher jus blurred thr.. =p de day very much..enjoying my scul life..xD..
oh some words to share wif u all~~
'masa pulang satu setengah,
kami hanya menunggu sahaja.'

hooray..tml dun hav chinese class..
cn go back early and watch my Boys Over Flowers!!..
i'm addicted to tis drama..=)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday..? is thursday..
y de time passes so fast???!!
it means tat i hav no time to finish my bm folio n practise piano..
oh no!! >-<
n gotta to hav my piano upgrading test tis sun!!
havent prepared well=test failed??
n will miss benjamin's bday party o..haiz..
hope tat i can finish all my things by tis week..=(

oh ya..
tml mostly i will escape..nt goin to school!!
for wat reason??
i also dunno how to tell..
guess it will be a fun day??..hope so..^^

Thursday, February 5, 2009

*UPDATED!!* are some updates for my blog..^^
tis week was my scul excel exam for all form3,5 and 6 students.. is a stupid exam for me coz i din take much care on it..haha..
depend on tips only..wakaka xD..
n i think my addmaths will 'bu tiam'.. >.<..lolz..

bt now it is OVER!!
yeah!! and i goin to hav more fun again wif my couzies n family..=)
my dad's cousins frm China are coming to kk tml for holiday..haha..
n gotta become fat after it..having many dinners wif them..lolx..

now i love to watch a korean drama named ' 花样男子'..
influenced by darice n chyng..haha..n form a new group -'花样 Club'..
sot2 us..sooner will recruit one more member again^^..

here are some pics of cny..haha..

* pic b4 having lunch*
*posing wif nuggets*

*my l0vely couzies*
*family photo*
*da Jipps & Nuggets*..lolx