Tuesday, April 27, 2010


currently having semester break for one week..
it's time to rest, catch up wif movies and dramas.. :)

for de past few days, i went to my last 2 hrs driving and after that qti test..
finally i passed my qti wif mistakess..haha..can't imagine tat xD

In the night time, went to watch basketball competition in KDCA hall..
i went thr to support my team '' Dreamer" =)
nt only hope they can win de next match, but also win the friendships among themselves :))

~ i'm addicted to a taiwan's drama -''Autumn Concerto'' now..OMG!!~

p/s: when is my result come out oo? i dun want to shock my parents eh!! =.=

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happened in March.

March was fun ^.^
IS sports day was over and i knew its too late for me to post here..
well, RED HOUSE won the overall!!

some of my groupmates=)

since we won, we had our RED HOUSE VICTORY PARTY at SGCC.
another bunch of frens

After that, went to Ivan's Birthday+ Farewell Party.

me.darice.winn nie.

I also did my eng group project wif other members at Starbucks 1borneo, City Mall & Warisan.

us =)

Starbucks City Mall lame @.@ so no pics.

@Starbucks Warisan
my group members xD

we did shoot a video for Starbucks commercial thr too =)

here's the highlights of the month. Wad bout April??
kinda looking forward wif it =p