Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SPM'S OVER!! + Leaving KK=)

yeah..spm was over and so excited wif de upcoming events..
christmas..youth camp..and my trip to KOREA!
so i'm leaving on 15th Dec and coming back on 21th..
will be away frm computer(blog and facebook as well)..
totally relax myself and shop de whole day..
boys..dun game so much..haha..(especially de ''gang'')
girls..stay pretty this week..do wad u all want to do..

k lar..write till here..hav to ready myself to go caroling for de last time of tis year(2 hrs) before going to airport..
bye and take care everyone!!=)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The days after 8 Dec =0

10 Dec
it's de second day after de chemistry paper...
no more spm for others..
excluding me..i still hav my chinese exam next mon..
havent start reading yet n nt prepared..
how bout de others those who taking chinese?? feel free and relax right now lik me or worrying??
good luck to me for de very last one!!

nt forget to attend my new born baby boy cousin- Calos's full moon party tat night..
i'm de eldest among my cousins at my mother's side..
happy to see them runnig and playing around..
oww..i'm old ady=(

he is Calos..cute=) will love him very much!!

another picture of him xD

here's Chloe..(princess of de family).she was wearing my dress(de one i wore when i was young)=)

Tian Hui..another cousin of mine =P

One-year old's Zhi Hau(cute!!)

Tian Yi..din manage to take pic wif her cuz she was busy playing wif her balloon tat nite =)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Days to FREEDOM!!

currently i'm done wif my 8 subjects..
left 3 more to go..
my biology is damn!!
didn't do well bt i've try my best..
and i had watched two movies in a week before having biology's paper..
i supposed to be stay at home bt end up wif these..xD

both of these are nice movies=)

i want to ''sapu'' all de movies right after my spm and trip to KOREA!!
hahaha=) I'm so eager to wait till that day comes =P oh ya..gotta start busy wif church activities soon!! let's enjoy de time we work, play and laugh together!! xD

Thursday, November 19, 2009


since i hate tis subject so much..
but i can predict that i couldn't score well in SPM..

*'ll have a better life tomorrow-)*

Friday, November 6, 2009

-One More Week-

heyhey hey!!
my dear friends..
recently i'm busy wif my study so didn't update my blog for a month..
however quite happy to see some of my cousins are having wif their own blog..
haha xD
enjoy blogging ya=)

yeah..still got another week to be in scul before spm..
isit a happy or a sad news?
no matter how i had cherish my wonderful time together wif my buddies in All Saints..
love them very much!!

finally wish all SPM and STPM students..
good luck and do ur best in ur exam..!!

*this might be my last post before spm starts^^*

Sunday, October 11, 2009

8 0ct 2009

Happy Birthday to:

Alan (my cousin)



I know it's quite lame to post tis..
however i deeply wish them have a blessed birthday !! xD

Friday, October 2, 2009

HapPy Mooncake Festival =]

back again to my blog..
i've been neglected my blog bout 3 weeks..
jesuis' desole (sorry!) =.=
yea..it's a france word i learnt last week..
hope i wont forget wad i've learnt xD..

let me show u some basic words:
salut : Hi
merci:Thank you
oh la la : Oh my God

tat's all..gt some more bt i cant spell it..haha xD
and nt forget to wish all of u de chinese ''Happy Mooncake Festival''!!
it's de time for us to gather together wif family and relatives ..
despite some of them are nt here wif us =(..
nvm..next year still gt chance..
hope tomorrow night's weather is pretty good=)!!

~have a nice day to u and me =p ~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Updated xD

so sorry guys for nt updating my blog for 2 weeks..
its bcoz i'm having scul trial + stupid excel exam now..
and it havent finish yet..
another 2 weeks to suffer..

so.. my high scul life is going to end soon..
another stage of life hav to step on..
I'll be missing my frens soon!! xD

Good luck to all my form 5 buddies !! =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dissection Day

ya...today we had our 1st and ever dissection day..

half of de class were excited on tis day..

goin to dissect hamster,rat and frog..

i'm really not willing to kill hamster lor..

bcoz it was so cute..

bt at de end did it oso..


a great experience for all of us!!=)

kasian tu hamster

Thursday/physic lab/1.30pm

a surprise farewell party for Teacher Ivy!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Memorable Chemistry Lesson=)

today can be said tat it's de most memorable lesson for chemistry xD..
i oso cant expect tat teacher will prepare wad a touched powerpoint to us..
pen it down in her computer and showed to us..
it's almost recalled back our memories when she teached us..
describing each and everyone of us..

i received 2 gifts frm teacher..
bread key chain and bookmark(done by herself)..
such a hardworking teacher=)

nice one xD

cute mr.bread

although u gonna leave us soon..
but we wont forget u since u like 5B so much!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Melissa's 17th Birthday=)

woke up early today..
cos had to back to sch for physic extra class..
frm 8-11am..3 HOURS!!
still nt enough..physic tuition again frm 11.30-1.30pm..
woah..5 HOURS for physic!!
goin to die soon^^..

okay..after tat went to cut my hair..
ady 2 mths din cut ler..
choose tis day coz at night had to attend a party..xD
so stayed thr for another 2 hours..
wad a day..
around 5pm den can only back home and rest..


nt forget today was Melissa's birthday..
get invited to her party..xD
we ate.chat.sing.snap pics at thr..
a happy night at her hse!
some pics from winn nie's phone:
(my phone no use ler..its time to retire)

tadaa xD..
more pics are coming out~~

Monday, August 3, 2009

Boring Monday =(

here comes today..
a boring day to me..
most of de students are wearing mask to sch..
since thr's rumours bout our sch gt someone kena H1N1..everyone takes action and be more cautious..
well..i'll bring my mask to sch but dunno wear or nt lar..
hard to breath oo=.=

and finally..thr is no more sivik class for us..
and we can go home early frm next week..
yay!! =)

nvm..move on to some pics taken by me yesterday..hahaxD..
we had ''DOUBLE CELEBRATION'' at Sri Melaka..
a great time having free lunch together..
but THANKS to Ong & his mother ^^

~DREAMER got 2nd place in de basketball competition~congrates!!

surprise birthday party to Leo:

for more pics,check out wif my facebook too~~

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wad Happen to Me Oo??

tis is wad i feel nowadays..
it's so distracting and i cant take up my mind straight away either planning to join an event or
jus simple matter to suggest where to go yam cha..
people asking me where to study or wad course i'll taking after my SPM
and my answer will jux short and simple: '' I.DON'T KNOW''..

even tis coming sunday thr will be a paintball activity after my church..
i know de next day will be my school ujian setara and i guess i'm nt totally ready for it yet but
these are my thought pop-ing out in my mind:
-i want to go bcoz it will be a great experience playing paintball,a good fellowship time and syok to be shoot by others..
wad a FUN WAR should be!!
-i dont go coz i havent finish study yet i shud paying attention to my study..haiz..=.=
jus a test only mar..shud i let go or take it seriously??

only GOD will guide me and show me de right decision to make..
seek GOD for help..
den it only can solve my problem!!

~wad happen to me o?!~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Couzies Day Out~

18 July 2009
Activity:having lunch at warisan,pictures time xD


Sunday, July 12, 2009


13 JULY 2009, MON
What happened to de GOVERNMENT??
Where was de traffic man gone??

it really piss me off tis morning..>.<
i left home at 6.20am to go to sch..
actually it's late ady but usually manage to reach sch..
dunno today how come thr was no traffic light!! and no traffic man too!!
we stucked at de road for 40 minutes ady.. sure cant managed to go sch le..
me and sis decided nt to go sch lor..
when reach sch oso late liao..kena write down name by prefects again..
btw happy oso cn skip sch..=P lolz..

when we about to reach home..
suddenly thr was an accident right in front of my lorong..
man again..!
luckily de driver which was an old man and his grandson didn't get much hurt..

damn SESB =.=

Saturday, July 11, 2009

School Bazaar 2009=)

-11 July 2009-

i am pretty sure tat everyone in all saints eagerly waited for this day to happen
as for me,it was my last year in school..EXCITED!!
so jux do my best in helping out at my stall..

so i woke up at 5.30am like normal to school..
and hav to be thr by 6.30 am to do de preparation..
tis was my stall:

(grab frm tay) in-charged in Mocktails

we oso sold burgers, satays and cakes..
all was nice!! =)
and we almost finish selling our mocktails drinks by afternoon..yeah!!

not only tat..i met up wif my church frens too~~
kelvin,alex,yung xian,yung heng,jodia,leo and edwin..=P
din know tat they will come eh..
so happy to see them here xD
den bring them walk around de school wif eiling..

at around 1pm..
omg it started to rain heavily..>.<>

not forget to snap picture in de rain too~~hahax
so i jus upload some of de pics here..
please check out wif my facebook for more pics ^^

de conclusion of de day:
overall it was tired bt enjoyable!!
=i LOVE today=

*Mocktails Mocktails
taste like cocktail*

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

short post.

HaPpy BirthDay
my dear friend-WINN NIE

may all ur wishes come trues!!

writing tis post jus to wish them..hehe=)
bazaar is jus around de corner..
11 July 2009, sat
7.30am to 3pm @ all saints
pls support!! =P

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm So Sleepy xD

ya..tis is wad i facing now..
Is it bcoz of my new seat which was at de last corner of de class
wif de orangy curtain??
or nt enough sleep ya??
i wondering why..xD

plz help me to get rid of tis!!

it's me..=)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


as i promised i'll upload pics bout my family camp in de previous post..

finally i got it n show to u all~~

check it out!!

my 'FAMILY' and I=)

group discussion..

giving speech..lolx

my dad was giving his opinion..

wad a big group of ppl..xD


campers~~(spot me??)
i've joined de mission camp during de school holiday..i finally mede up my mind to
join this although it was de last day..hahax..
hoping to join tis such camp again=)

last day of mission camp xD..(we had pizza+ yoyo..FULL~!)

sharing gospel in ppl's house

we are de children of God=) (before our mission start)
*check out wif my facebook too to hav more pics thr~~*