Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year New Life

Once again,Happy New Year to u all! xD
since i came back from korea during last dec,i dun have time to online coz hav to busy wif church christmas celebration as well as youth camp..
This year, i start my 1st post sharing u all wif my life in IS(Institut Sinaran) for these 3 days..

First of all, I remembered I applied to tis institut was on 23 Dec 2009..i finally made up my mind to study at thr as i had no plan to study where and wad tat time..at last i had de decision..thank God! xD

okay..1st day of scul:
-shuttle bus to sch(hope it's jux temporarily)
-same group wif Aqilah,How Kiat,Jeremiah and Benjamin(frm all saints)..hehe=P
-briefing all de day
2nd day of scul:
-group meeting..get to know some new frens =)
-indoor games..everyone seems enjoyed it xD
3rd day of scul:
-classes on today..only physics was interesting..others quite boring..haha =P
-get to know my group's members more..a friend used to accompany me these two days was actually my far far relative frm my mother's side..haha xD..de world was so small!! hope we can be good frens for de coming days ya=)

yeah..we are still new to each other no matter frens,lecturers or de building..hope i hav a happy life in IS and wont regret it! =P

For 5 Bestarians:
I missed u all so much and hope to meet u guys one day..i knew i'd missed de class party and all de fun u guys had..=D
anyway, good luck to u all and for those who are working partime now, wish u luck oso and enjoy de excitement of receiving ur money at de end of de mth..keke=)
For those who are free, enjoy ur days too =P
For those who are also study in IS currently right now, all da best too!! haha..