Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm So Sleepy xD

ya..tis is wad i facing now..
Is it bcoz of my new seat which was at de last corner of de class
wif de orangy curtain??
or nt enough sleep ya??
i wondering why..xD

plz help me to get rid of tis!!

it's me..=)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


as i promised i'll upload pics bout my family camp in de previous post..

finally i got it n show to u all~~

check it out!!

my 'FAMILY' and I=)

group discussion..

giving speech..lolx

my dad was giving his opinion..

wad a big group of ppl..xD


campers~~(spot me??)
i've joined de mission camp during de school holiday..i finally mede up my mind to
join this although it was de last day..hahax..
hoping to join tis such camp again=)

last day of mission camp xD..(we had pizza+ yoyo..FULL~!)

sharing gospel in ppl's house

we are de children of God=) (before our mission start)
*check out wif my facebook too to hav more pics thr~~*

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is My Holidays Gonna END??

alright..as u know it's still gt one more day to enjoy school holiday..
i dun want tis to happen!!
i want more and more HOLIDAYS!!

i hate mon school assembly..
i hate to finish my chemistry homework!!
teacher's nt FAIR >.<
finally done wif my addmath project..
tis had killing me for many days to finish it..

wad am i goin to do for de next half year??
oh no..
i shud start to control myself of nt playing comp all de time..xD

tomorrow is Interact IU Day..
hoping tat we can win de competiton=)

and one more..
i am really enjoy to spend time wif u all guys..
u guys are rock man!!
hope tat our relationship will never end xD
god bless u all~~


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Friends Day Out(part 2) xD

again me n my frens went out again to one borneo last fri..
coz JOLIN is having her ''qian chang hui'' at thr..
wad's amazed!!
1st time i saw a big super star here..bt nt excited as i saw ''wu zhun'' 2 yrs ago!!

we accidentally met him at sutera..woah!!

back to de outing..had a movie wif jade n mitran..
saw winn,carrie,queenie n esther thr too=)
''17 Again''..nice to watch ya!!

den went to de grand ballroom to see Jolin.
we din get to join de press conference..
so jus wait outside lor..
omg we waited her almost one hour ler..
well,move to some pics and u cn feel de atmosphere of tat day..

(spot me and winn nie??)

*sorry for de blur images ya=)*

i think tat's all for it..lolx xD

another movie on wed??

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friends Day Out~~(part 1)

yeah!!..it's time for me to relax ler!!
went to smelly cp after phys tuition..
den met with darice n jade..
we were planning to join keng's group for a movie..
bt..at de end left we 3 hang ourselves thr..
cos..de movie was almost full house..
left only de 1st row..
wad to do?
so we bought only 3 tickets lor..

it was a nice movie!!(although my neck was quite suffering) hahax!!
around 5pm de movie end..
walked to warisan n had a short window shopping thr..
then went home after tat..

it's a short bt enjoying outing day=)
hoping to hav a happy moment tis friday...
and of course..
JOLIN is coming to 1B n i'm going to see her..

=friends day out(part 2) is coming soon=

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

it's holidays now..
i lurve it very much..=)

wad's my holiday plan??
still cant figure it now..
bt hav to finish all de projects n homeworks..
oh man..~~

btw..i jus attended my church family camp on de 30th May 2009 til 1st June..
overall de place was beautiful, many new friends n de ppl was awesome..
did enjoy in de camp..bt tired at de end
hope next yr cn see all u guys again..

*another post bout tis camp n pics will be upload soon ya!!*