Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doing Something Different=)


today went to stadium for scul mini sports day..
last yr of joining n wearing my ''RUSTED'' shirt n pants..=.=
went thr doin nth much..chit-chatting wif frens lor..
see ppl practice 'pom-pom' and take some pics..
it's time for lunch..left me n jade joining de others..we ate 'tapau mee' at ppl's shop..luckily din halau us..haha..

after tat went to victor's house to buang masa thr..quite near to my house eh..hehe=)..ltr din join them liao cos i went to city mall to meet my sis,audrey,ei ling, pua,renee,ah kiat n jodia..haha..hav chance to play car race at de entertainment store thr..wakaka xD..

like little kids eh~~

so hav to go back to stadium to take our attendance lor..luckily they din our plan was successed!!..we decided to ESCAPE!! we went to one mah??

b4 tat our' driver' want to see doctor..unfortunately de doctor was one of our scul student's dad..he was shocked tat y were we here bt nt at stadium..wearing sports shirt bah..omg!!
one joke here:

my fren went to see doctor n he got a job to repair computer for de doctor..
it was so funny n lucky kan?? he came to de right place bt for us?? ''NO''!!

reached one borneo liao..felt so weird and odd..we are so colourful man..luckily thr were nt much ppl shopping thr..went thr accompany the two guys to buy shirts lor..'Men's Day'..lolz..

wuah..1st time escaped scul event oo..haha..felt no dun k last yr liao hav to try something new mah!!=)

Monday, January 19, 2009

HaPpy BirthdaY DaDdy!!

-18 Jan-

It's my dad's birthday today..!!
HapPy BirthDay ya~~=)

so as usual..went to church til 12.30pm..
my dad went to play his beloved ''golf'' wif his frens..
so only celebrate wif him at nite lor..
then went to city mall some shopping thr..
and attend my mum's fren new shop opening ceremony thr..
de shop called ''JUs' ''..located at ground floor next to 'TOMEI' shop..
so ladies n gals,
cn hav a look if u want..haha..(punya 38)

oh ya..
tat time oso gt children singing competition..
sing CNY songs bah..
they're nt bad..berpotensi juga.. xD
ltr went to choose presents for my dad..
we bought a necktie and singlet for him..
so long hanging on tat shop..tired eh!!

den it's time to choose my new shirt!!
my mum bought 3 RED & PINK dress for me n my sis..
coz cny mah..haha
thx ya mummy!!
suppose to buy my contact lenses at thr..
bt my mum said next time den buy..sad..=(
hope i cn get it b4 cny lar..
nt forget to buy a cake for daddy b4 going home..
'Chocolate Blueberry cake' frm 'UNCLE BISCUIT'..
it's nice after eating de cake..hehe!!

tat's de end of de day~~tadaa!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

gerrrrrrrr!! =.=

tis few days kinda busy ler.. >.<

-complete 3 chemistry reports within 2 days..(super sot)
-hav to stay back for marching again!!=(
-complete other stupid hw..
-organise a telematch for sat's youth..=)
-attend a meeting at sat's noon..

cant stand with these situation lar!!!
nt enjoying at all..

sumthing happened tis morning at scul..
happened while v were having marching practice..
supposed to teach her(nt me ah) to march,
suddenly her tears came out..
i so shocked at tat..
im blanking thr for some time..
wat to do??
keeping asking her the reason n calmed her down lor..
macam lagi worst geh..hehe..
so jus let her stood aside lor..

after some time..
asked her to continue joined de marching..
again she dn wan..
i knew de reason..if it happened on me..i will oso dn wan de..
wakaka xD
terpaksa asked her fren to teman her lor..
comforting her..
while tat time she finally smiled n felt okay liao..
really bcoz of our ''funny gal''(those who were thr may know)
showed her ''skills'' lor..
really ''mou dak ding '' eh..
at least cn make de condition much better..=)
and now she finally joined us back..yeah!!

mayb one cry will make her learn sumthg from it??

Friday, January 9, 2009

1st Post of '09..

So sorry for long time didnt post any blog..^^
now scul jux finish de 1st week...
1st week teacher really dun belas kasihan...
gav us many hw n project...
wat to do??
Form 5 lor..yeah!! my last year of scul..
bt still hav to prepare for my SPM...
1st day of scul teacher ady advised us liao...
scared us only..
left 311 days to SPM wah~~

T.Hardizan:next week de ''3'' becomes ''2''..'s nxt 2 weeks...

and busy wif de sport's marching again..
mau lit ler...

nxt week is our scul's merentas desa lor..
quite early for tis yr..
dunno y scul want to push all de sport event to Jan..
bout de merentas desa..
really ''nget sai''
after running hav to study again..
if they want us to change back to scul uniform..
really stupid de scul..

hmm..hope tat now de sports day is over n enjoy my cny eh..