Friday, August 21, 2009

Dissection Day we had our 1st and ever dissection day..

half of de class were excited on tis day..

goin to dissect hamster,rat and frog..

i'm really not willing to kill hamster lor..

bcoz it was so cute..

bt at de end did it oso..


a great experience for all of us!!=)

kasian tu hamster

Thursday/physic lab/1.30pm

a surprise farewell party for Teacher Ivy!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Memorable Chemistry Lesson=)

today can be said tat it's de most memorable lesson for chemistry xD..
i oso cant expect tat teacher will prepare wad a touched powerpoint to us..
pen it down in her computer and showed to us..
it's almost recalled back our memories when she teached us..
describing each and everyone of us..

i received 2 gifts frm teacher..
bread key chain and bookmark(done by herself)..
such a hardworking teacher=)

nice one xD

cute mr.bread

although u gonna leave us soon..
but we wont forget u since u like 5B so much!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Melissa's 17th Birthday=)

woke up early today..
cos had to back to sch for physic extra class..
frm 8-11am..3 HOURS!!
still nt enough..physic tuition again frm 11.30-1.30pm..
woah..5 HOURS for physic!!
goin to die soon^^..

okay..after tat went to cut my hair..
ady 2 mths din cut ler..
choose tis day coz at night had to attend a party..xD
so stayed thr for another 2 hours..
wad a day..
around 5pm den can only back home and rest..


nt forget today was Melissa's birthday..
get invited to her party..xD
we pics at thr..
a happy night at her hse!
some pics from winn nie's phone:
(my phone no use ler..its time to retire)

tadaa xD..
more pics are coming out~~

Monday, August 3, 2009

Boring Monday =(

here comes today..
a boring day to me..
most of de students are wearing mask to sch..
since thr's rumours bout our sch gt someone kena H1N1..everyone takes action and be more cautious..
well..i'll bring my mask to sch but dunno wear or nt lar..
hard to breath oo=.=

and finally..thr is no more sivik class for us..
and we can go home early frm next week..
yay!! =)

nvm..move on to some pics taken by me yesterday..hahaxD..
we had ''DOUBLE CELEBRATION'' at Sri Melaka..
a great time having free lunch together..
but THANKS to Ong & his mother ^^

~DREAMER got 2nd place in de basketball competition~congrates!!

surprise birthday party to Leo:

for more pics,check out wif my facebook too~~