Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'M still ALIVE !! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Day :)

woahhh!! It's May now xD time really fliess.. :(
on the other hand, most of my frens already/gonna fly to somewhr else to continue their studies..
sadzz =.=
carrie to labuan^^
affiq to penang ^^

Olivia,sylvia and one of my IS-mates,Fui Yee also went to labuan dy..will they meet up together?

ONE MORE==> Cephas Liew, my 5 months IS Groupmate..
he's so lucky tat he got his scholarship and leave IS and s1D-ers..HAHA xD
I'm gonna miss ur sleepy look lah =.=

my Tawau's fren, Cephas@ Chivas xD

soon, another 4 frens of mine will leaving too..
Winn Nie, Vui Kit, Jack and Jeffrey..
let's us enjoy tommorrow at de farewell party and have a memorable time >3

wish u all luck :))
do remember me ya!!

~Jocelyn =p ~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


currently having semester break for one week..
it's time to rest, catch up wif movies and dramas.. :)

for de past few days, i went to my last 2 hrs driving and after that qti test..
finally i passed my qti wif mistakess..haha..can't imagine tat xD

In the night time, went to watch basketball competition in KDCA hall..
i went thr to support my team '' Dreamer" =)
nt only hope they can win de next match, but also win the friendships among themselves :))

~ i'm addicted to a taiwan's drama -''Autumn Concerto'' now..OMG!!~

p/s: when is my result come out oo? i dun want to shock my parents eh!! =.=

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happened in March.

March was fun ^.^
IS sports day was over and i knew its too late for me to post here..
well, RED HOUSE won the overall!!

some of my groupmates=)

since we won, we had our RED HOUSE VICTORY PARTY at SGCC.
another bunch of frens

After that, went to Ivan's Birthday+ Farewell Party.

me.darice.winn nie.

I also did my eng group project wif other members at Starbucks 1borneo, City Mall & Warisan.

us =)

Starbucks City Mall lame @.@ so no pics.

@Starbucks Warisan
my group members xD

we did shoot a video for Starbucks commercial thr too =)

here's the highlights of the month. Wad bout April??
kinda looking forward wif it =p


Friday, March 12, 2010

SPM Result Day

credits to winn nie :)
we met again after for some time xD
my results were good for me..
i din expect too much coz i knew tat i wasn't put much more effort on it..
but thank God for answering my prayer everyday during tat time xD
Praise the Lord!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here's March!!

aww!! it's Mac now..wad could i say bout it??
CNY jus ended, no more playing cards and cousie day like I did mostly during tat time..

progress test papers were given out and my results were so SUCKs..hahax
phys paper failed like usual..hehe..i was failing my phys since last year form 5..
oh gosh!! :(
same goes to statistics-failed. Hope my pure maths paper can help me to top up my marks xD
passed my bio and chem but nt good enough for me..
Moral-i thought i failed again but luckily this was my most satisfied result i got =)
can't imagine this!!
I have to work hard for all subjects for de rest of the months..or else i will feel guilty and sorry to my parents..

nt forget tat IS will be having sports meet soon..everyone is busy wif it including me thou =p
yeah!! it must be fun i guess?! xD

1 more week till SPM result release..another headache day for me!! =(

Thursday, February 25, 2010

♥ Chinese New Year 2010 ♥

one word, ENJOYED!!
I will not forget de time I spent wif my family, cousins and my lovely frens..
hope that this year will be a good year for me and everyone of you ♥

p/s: show you guys some pics of wad i took during tis cny..cheers =p

12 Feb 2010, 1st cousie day at yoyo^^

15 Feb 2010, family photo
- informal-
- formal-

16 Feb 2010, youth frens visited my house17 Feb 2010, youthies visited my house again

and of coz i went out wif my sis and cousin most of de time..many funny pics were taken & they were wif Elaine =p

hopefully she'll upload it in fb sooner in time xD

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 More Days!!

2 more days to CHINESE NEW YEAR !!
aww~~~~!! xD
i guess it will be a nice one tis year :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bengkel Day

at last I went to bengkel today..
i've been waited tis day long time ago after I passed my law since last year.. :( ----> :)
so I woke up early today and waited my tutor to fetch me..
while inside de car, I had a chat wif uncle since it was my 2nd time to meet him..
it seems tat uncle knew Winn Nie quite well and asked me did she drive after tat=) lolx..
and he said i'm de last one to get license among my frens..
yeap i understand~~haha xD

de 1st 3 hrs was extremely bored although de penceramah had a lot of funny + cold jokes to talk..
and even he didn't finish his talk due to technical problem..swt=.=

changing tyre ain't my favourite!! =p

get to drive for another 2 hrs in a HOT AND HUNGRY situation..
it was fun and excited as wad Jade told me before=)
but felt stress when i couldn't get wad uncle told me to do..kelam kabut sana~~
bt overall it was nice :)

hoping to finish this by Mac =p
Go Go Jocelyn!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

YEC Beach Party xD

My 1st club activity =P
Place: Tanjung Aru Beach
Date: 31 January 2010
It was full of excitement tat day and get to know some new frens =)
Some pics were taken as below:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year New Life

Once again,Happy New Year to u all! xD
since i came back from korea during last dec,i dun have time to online coz hav to busy wif church christmas celebration as well as youth camp..
This year, i start my 1st post sharing u all wif my life in IS(Institut Sinaran) for these 3 days..

First of all, I remembered I applied to tis institut was on 23 Dec 2009..i finally made up my mind to study at thr as i had no plan to study where and wad tat last i had de decision..thank God! xD

okay..1st day of scul:
-shuttle bus to sch(hope it's jux temporarily)
-same group wif Aqilah,How Kiat,Jeremiah and Benjamin(frm all saints)..hehe=P
-briefing all de day
2nd day of scul:
-group meeting..get to know some new frens =)
-indoor games..everyone seems enjoyed it xD
3rd day of scul:
-classes on today..only physics was interesting..others quite boring..haha =P
-get to know my group's members more..a friend used to accompany me these two days was actually my far far relative frm my mother's side..haha world was so small!! hope we can be good frens for de coming days ya=)

yeah..we are still new to each other no matter frens,lecturers or de building..hope i hav a happy life in IS and wont regret it! =P

For 5 Bestarians:
I missed u all so much and hope to meet u guys one day..i knew i'd missed de class party and all de fun u guys had..=D
anyway, good luck to u all and for those who are working partime now, wish u luck oso and enjoy de excitement of receiving ur money at de end of de mth..keke=)
For those who are free, enjoy ur days too =P
For those who are also study in IS currently right now, all da best too!! haha..