Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Day :)

woahhh!! It's May now xD time really fliess.. :(
on the other hand, most of my frens already/gonna fly to somewhr else to continue their studies..
sadzz =.=
carrie to labuan^^
affiq to penang ^^

Olivia,sylvia and one of my IS-mates,Fui Yee also went to labuan dy..will they meet up together?

ONE MORE==> Cephas Liew, my 5 months IS Groupmate..
he's so lucky tat he got his scholarship and leave IS and s1D-ers..HAHA xD
I'm gonna miss ur sleepy look lah =.=

my Tawau's fren, Cephas@ Chivas xD

soon, another 4 frens of mine will leaving too..
Winn Nie, Vui Kit, Jack and Jeffrey..
let's us enjoy tommorrow at de farewell party and have a memorable time >3

wish u all luck :))
do remember me ya!!

~Jocelyn =p ~

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[Cephas] said...

oh wow i din know you got a blog !! nice blog btw.