Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here's March!!

aww!! it's Mac now..wad could i say bout it??
CNY jus ended, no more playing cards and cousie day like I did mostly during tat time..

progress test papers were given out and my results were so SUCKs..hahax
phys paper failed like usual..hehe..i was failing my phys since last year form 5..
oh gosh!! :(
same goes to statistics-failed. Hope my pure maths paper can help me to top up my marks xD
passed my bio and chem but nt good enough for me..
Moral-i thought i failed again but luckily this was my most satisfied result i got =)
can't imagine this!!
I have to work hard for all subjects for de rest of the months..or else i will feel guilty and sorry to my parents..

nt forget tat IS will be having sports meet soon..everyone is busy wif it including me thou =p
yeah!! it must be fun i guess?! xD

1 more week till SPM result release..another headache day for me!! =(

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